Application and Fees 2018

The Summer Academy and Festival forms the core of The International Holland Music Sessions. Over a hundred concerts, in which the active participants perform are combined with lessons and masterclasses by a renowned faculty of teachers from important musical institutes all over the world. This takes place each summer during a period of five weeks ((in 2018: July 29 until September 2)). Within that period the three weeks from August 5 until August 26 are the core weeks in which the lessons take place.

Applicants for active participation must be between 16 and 27 years of age in the period August 5 – August 26, 2018.

Applicants who are accepted in the program have the opportunity to participate for the full period of three weeks. Selected applicants have the opportunity to give concerts in the adjacent weeks too.

The application deadline for the Summer Academy 2018 is will be announced later.

For convenience and expediency we demand on-line applications via this website. To make an on-line application for TIHMS Summer Academy, you must create an application account, or use an existing account if you created an account in previous years. See the menu: application login.

A signed copy of the application form must also be mailed to TIHMS office before an acceptance is confirmed. This signed copy may also be printed, signed, and scanned, and then sent by e-mail to

If you were accepted for the Summer Academy in previous years you do not have to do an audition.

You audition by:
• submitting a DVD with a live video recording
• or by reference in your application account to online video recordings on the web
• or both, a DVD as well as reference to online video recordings.

On the DVD and/or online recordings we expect a program of at least 20 minutes, with at least two different styles. A live unedited performance, either a studio recording or a concert recording.

If you send a DVD, we expect the DVD within a week after you commit the online application. DVD’s will not be returned.

Note: When you deliver your DVD at the post office for shipping, you may be asked to indicate a money value for customs reasons. If so, indicate no value at all, or a very low value. If you indicate a high value (as to ensure safe shipping..), customs will charge TIHMS with import duty!

The tuition fee active participants is EUR 975* per week.

* Covers tuition (including admission to all lessons, public master classes and concerts) as well as lunch and dinner from Monday till Saturday. The tuition fee does actually not include the housing (bed and breakfast), but the housing for the particpants is free, as this is provided by the host families. They are friends of THIMS who volunteer their hospitality without any costs.

If accepted, your full payment of the tuition fee must be received before the indicated date mentioned in the confirmation e-mail that you will receive from the artistic staff.

All payments to TIHMS should be made by bank transfer and in EUR (Euro) only.
Bank charges must be met by the applicant.
After May 1, 2018 the tuition fees are non-refundable.

Money transfer:

ABN AMRO Bank, Bagijnenstraat 2 Alkmaar, The Netherlands

ACCOUNT NUMBER: see IBAN code below.
(Account Holder: Holland Music Sessions, Bergen NH)

BIC code (sometimes referred to as Swift code): ABNANL2A
IBAN code: NL09ABNA0479966001

Same IBAN code in groups of 4 (for readability):
NL09 ABNA 0479 9660 01

Applicants for active participation must enclose in their online application a full 40-minute recital program for public performance during the Summer Academy. This recital program must consist of (at least) two different musical styles. This repertoire may not be changed after submission.
In the application form we also ask for a program of 60 minutes, in case you are invited for a not-shared concert. Details are in the application pages.

Concertos and concerto movements are not accepted in the recital program.
Works with multiple movements, like sonatas, must contain all movements. The only exceptions are works for violin solo or cello solo; individual movements are allowed here.

Participants are encouraged to include in their program a recently composed solo piece (for piano, cello or violin) from a native composer.

The recital program must include composers names and dates, full and exact titles including key signatures, opus numbers, movements and durations. (Details are in the application pages.)

Besides the required recital program you have the option in the application form to enclose additional repertoire to be used in lessons and public classes. Concertos and concerto movements are allowed in the additional repertoire. There is no time limit and you do not have to indicate time durations.
Additional repertoire is not required.

In the page General Information we have a section on repertoire choice for concerts in 2018. Please read that section.

Applicants must send together with their online application a recent glossy color photograph to be used for publicity. (in electronic form, not a real paper version). This publicity may include use of the photo on concert programs and concert announcements as well as the website(s) of The International Holland Music Sessions and affiliated concert halls.
The formats can be TIFF, TIF, JPEG, JPG. DPI setting (72 dpi, 300 dpi etc.) is irrelevant, what counts are the dimensions in pixels: the width and height of your photo must be at least 1800 x 2400 pixels.
Photographers name – if known, include the name of the photographer in the filename of the photo. For example:

IMPORTANT: A photographer can claim rights from publication of his original artwork, especially on the website, unless publication is agreed on. Therefore, please make certain that you obtain permission for publication of your photograph, as participants will be held responsible for any claims that might occur. See also Insurance and Liability on this page.

A proof of age (photocopy of birth certificate, passport, licence, etc.) must be sent together with the application form.

TIHMS has arranged that host families will provide bed and breakfast service for all participants. These host families provide these services to our participants free of charge.

In the tuition fee lunch and dinner (form Monday till Saturday) is included.

We have provided an accommodation list for guests, supporters etc. They will find these accommodation suggestions on the page accommodation in this Summer Academy section of the website.

The International Holland Music Sessions
P.O. Box 250
1860 AG Bergen
The Netherlands

Telephone: 072 220 2310
International: 0031 72 220 2310


• After May 1, 2018 the tuition fees are non-refundable.
• The International Holland Music Sessions assumes no liability whatsoever for any damage, theft or injury which may occur during the Sessions.
• Participants must make certain that their photographs are free of photographers artwork rights. When neglect leads to claims, the participant is held responsible for the financial consequences.
• Participants are strongly advised to obtain an insurance policy which covers any financial loss in case of late withdrawal, illness, early departure, damage, theft, injury or other special circumstances. Please do not forget to bring insurance papers with you.
• In the event of an unexpected cancellation of a faculty member, TIHMS will do all in its power to take care of a suitable replacement.
• Participants agree on the fact that masterclasses and/or concerts may be recorded. These recordings are not used for commercial purposes.

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